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2018 Graduate Sunshine Sports Meeting

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On April 20, 2018 graduate Sunshine Sports Meeting was held at the stadium of Chang’an campus.

At 8:30 a.m., the opening ceremony began with the march of the athletes. Flags team, referee's team, graduate student athletes team, graduate sports community team, Graduate School cadres and graduate student backbone team entered the field in sequence.

After the solemn ceremony of raising the national flag, Shengli Lu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, gave an opening speech. He hopes that graduate students, supervisors and management staff step out of classroom, out of laboratory, out of the office to participate in sports meeting with graduate students, and build a good teacher-student relationship and promote good health habits.

Graduate Xieyang Chen and Yao Wu, who are respectively from College of Geographical Sciences and Tourism and Institute of Physical Education, gave speeches on behalf of athletes and referees. During the Sunshine Sports Meeting, 26 teams of teachers and students from cultivation units participated in the fierce competition, such as, 16 individual projects, 5 collective projects and 6 teaching staff projects. In the competition, teachers and students adhered to the principle of “first comes friendship, second comes competition”. They have exhibited a high level of competition and morality.

All referees and staff members stuck to their positions and were responsible for ensuring the smooth progress of the competition. All the volunteers were willing to give dedication, work hard, and practice the volunteer spirit of “devotion, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress”. The atmosphere in the field was warm, and teachers and students cheered for the athletes and created a good atmosphere for the game.

At the closing ceremony, the chief referee Yuanyuan Gao announced the results of the competition, and the vice president of the Graduate School Zhengchao Zhou announced the winners of High Morality Prize and Outstanding Organization Award. Six groups, nine winners of Outstanding Organization Award and nine winners of High Morality Prize were commended in the ceremony.

In the end, Chuandong Song, Minister of the Department of Graduate Student Affairs (Vice President of Graduate School) made a closing statement and announced that the 2018 Graduate Sunshine Sports Meeting had successfully concluded.


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